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GMCS Classes course- FAQ’s

What is General Management & Communication Skills (GMCS) Course?

General Management & Communication Skills Course is 15 days full-time course introduced to equip the entrants to the profession with interpersonal and management skills. This course is a prerequisite for membership enrolment of the Institute under regulation 51A/72A.

What is the eligibility for attending GMCS Course?

a) A student who has passed Intermediate / Professional Education (Examination – II) and registered in Final Course and either has completed practical training or is serving last 12 months of practical training is eligible to undergo the course. b) A student who has passed Professional Competence Course / Integrated Professional Competence Course and registered for Final  Course and either has completed practical training or is serving last 12 months of practical training is eligible to undergo the course.

Modify Criteria/Updated 30th April 2012

The Council has decided that the General Management and Communication Skills (GMCS) Programme, presently being organized for 15 days for the CA students should be organized twice during the period of articled training as under:

(i)  GMCS-I  (15 days)  –  during 1st year of articled training

(ii)  GMCS-II  (15 days)  –  after completion of 18 months of training but before completion of articled training

For more : click here [Changes in GMCS Programme (twice during the period of articled training)]

What is the exception for the students who attend Three Months’ Residential Programme / Six Weeks Residential Programme?

A student who completes Three Months’ Residential Programme in General Management, Personality Development and Communication Skills / Six Weeks Residential Professional Skills Development programme organized by the Board of Studies will not be required to undergo GMCS Course.

What is the fee structure for attending GMCS Course?

The fees for attending GMCS Course shall not exceed Rs.4000/- per student on non-residential basis inclusive of course and study materials. The fee structure does not apply to Dubai Overseas Office.

What is the duration of GMCS Course?

(i)  GMCS-I  (15 days)  –  during 1st year of articled training

(ii)  GMCS-II  (15 days)  –  after completion of 18 months of training but before completion of articled training

Is GMCS Course organized during weekends?

For working Chartered Accountants, the Regional Councils / Branches may organize GMCS batches during weekends under same rules and regulations as applicable for regular batches.

Who can organize GMCS Course?

The Regional Councils and their Branches may organize GMCS Course.

Is there any provision of exemption from payment of fee?

  1. Disabled Students, suffering 50% or above permanent disability are exempted from payment of fee and compulsorily attending GMCS Course. However, they are required to appear for two test papers of 3 hours each.
  2. The wards of employees are granted full fee concession for undergoing the GMCS course.

Does Board of Studies provide any study material for this course?

The Board of Studies provides study material for this course. The study materials are delivered to the Regional Councils / Branches on their request for distribution to the students after registering for the course.

Is there any examination of this course?

There is no examination conducted after completion of this course. However, the students are required to complete the course without discontinuity.

Will the students get a certificate after the successful completion of the course?

The students will get a certificate from the organizing centre after successful completion of the course.

What is the detailed syllabus of GMCS Course?

Part A: General Management

a) Introduction to General Management – Planning, Organizing, Direction, Control, Role and responsibilities of managers at different levels; Working with Teams, Office Etiquette and Discipline; Interpersonal Skills and relations; Human Resources Management; Time Management; Office Procedure and Manuals; Business and Professional Etiquette.

b) Organization and Management of a Chartered Accountant’s Office – Organization of the Office; Office administration; Business Development; Networking.

c) Basic Management of Meetings – Types of meetings; Preparation of Agenda; Arrangements before meeting; Conduct and Procedure of Meetings; Draft minutes.

d) Art of Public Speaking – Public Speaking, How to overcome Stage Fright, Preparation of Speech, Selecting the talk on the basis of occasion, Timing the speech, Addressing a crowd, developing general knowledge through reading and other processes.

e)  Representing before various Governmental and Other agencies

f) Art of Negotiation – Objective assessment of strengths and weaknesses; Preparation of arguments/proposal; Dos and don’ts in Negotiation; Arbitration and Conciliation.

Part B: Communication Skills

a) Drafting of letters, reports, deeds, documents etc. – Principles of Drafting, Contents of draft; Hints on legal drafting; Drafting letters; Report Writing; Agreement Drafting; Drafting Memorandum of Understanding and other documents and deeds; Preparation of Project Reports.

b) Simple Précis Writing and Comprehension.

c) Modes of Communication – Effective communication and its advantages; Written Communication; Listening skills; Barriers to communication; Telephone / Computer based communication like voice mail.

d) The Art of Presenting one-self – Preparation of Curriculum Vitae; Preparation for interviews; dress Code at Interviews, meetings and elsewhere, Dos and Don’ts at the interview; Conduct at the interview; Personal hygiene; Elementary Body Language, Body Postures and Poise.

e) The Art of making presentations – Planning and preparation; Collecting and Collating Data for the presentation; Designing the Presentation structure; Use of visual aids; Handling Audience, Conduct during presentation.

Part C: Practical

a) Group Discussion
b) Personal interview of the Student
c) Mock Meetings and Interviews
d) Practical Games testing communication skills
e) Presentation on a Technical Topic
f) Submission of reports / deeds prepared

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4 thoughts on “GMCS Classes course- FAQ’s

  1. I student of ca passed group 1 of IPCC and being registered for article ship on 21 august 2011 and had completed 1 year of article ship so when i need to go for GM CS Course please guide in in respect of the same

    Posted by soumya Agrawal | September 4, 2012, 9:01 AM
  2. I would like it.

    Posted by Siva | July 16, 2012, 6:24 PM


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