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Simple Tips for Preparation of CA Exams

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Why CA Student fails?

Well many people ask me of tips on How to clear these exams. Is there any secret  tips in clearing this? Let me tell you if you follow these very easy and lucid steps you would surely do wonders in your exams.

1.The most important thing in clearing CA exams is, believing yourself that yes, I can do so. There is no point in having negative thoughts in mind that CA exams are very tough or for that matter that passing percentage is very low. Even if you have failed in earlier attempt or you did not have a great academic record you can still clear it. Have faith in yourself!  Remember every attempt is fresh start. A new innings! Visualize yourself that you already have become CA. Let me tell you it will have a very powerful impact as what can be conceived in mind can be achieved.

2. Now give yourself enough time for studies and revision. Understand this is a professional course so you can only succeed if  you adopt professional approach. Last minute preparation or mugging up won’t work here.

3. Most of students get confused  whether to give both the groups or one group at a time. No point in discussing with friends or taking advise from others. Remember  you and you only are the best judge.You are fully aware of your strengths and weakness. If you can cope up both groups at a time, excellent otherwise even one group is fine.

4. Remember Quality of time spent on studying is more important and not the amount of hours spend on studying! When you are studying, have complete focus on the subject only and not elsewhere.

5. Make proper time-table for your studies on daily basis and review it regularly to ensure that you are sticking to the schedule and not lagging behind.  Ensure that you maintain buffer in case of any emergencies. Say you have two months for exams, so around 60 days. Take it a day at a time.  As they say in Test cricket  take it one session at time.

6. Give yourself proper breaks during studying. This would keep you physically and mentally fresh. Ideally  studying early mornings is great as our mind is fresh and one can retain a lot of what one studies. I advise students can study in gardens or in open spaces probably in terraces or balconies so that they can enjoy the early morning sunshine, fresh air along with their studies. One can take short nap in afternoon after lunch to rejuvenate  themselves for the nest session .

7. Also it is most important to maintain a proper balance as it goes that all study and no play makes Jack a dull boy. I have seen students who lock themselves in their rooms for days and days. Remaining aloof won’t help. From time to time go out and meet your friends or relatives. Play with your pets. Spend some time in what you love doing. This would be great stress buster and you would feel great.

8. If possible do mediation, breathing exercises, chanting and yoga. These have profound impact on our mind and help us to maintain focus and improve our concentration.

9. Allocate your day in such a manner that you can work on 2 – 3 subjects in a day. Ensure that there is good mix of theory and practical topics. Say Audit with Financial Management, Indirect Taxation with Accounts. This would not result in boredom.

10. There would always be some topics or subject that you find it difficult or you don’t like it so always study first those.

11. Ensure you go thru all the relevant compilations, amendments notifications, Revision Test papers etc given from the institute. These are very useful.

12. In exams days don’t unnecessarily stress out yourself Take  adequate  rest. Also eat nutritious food and  fruits. These would keep you alert and fresh. Avoid spicy, oily and junk  food.

13. One last thing treat this exams just like another exams you had given in your school and college and this would make it lot more easier for you to deal this.

Also remember one thing. Once you are thorough with your first paper, please don’t discuss with your friends.  Most of the time we waste precious moments in discussing our papers. What is done, cannot be undone. Study for the next  paper.


About CA Dushyant Kumar

CA Dushyant Kumar (Author) CA Dushyant is and Founder of CA Rocks ( By profession he is a Chartered accountant and also a Technology Enthusiast. Having in-depth knowledge in the field of Accounts, Audits and Taxation and also working in a part of GST. Loves playing with electronic gadgets and believes in Simple Living. You can reach him at: |


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